Healthy Vagina

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Is it the favorite part of my body? – hum- I’m not sure but I sure like it clean. Sidebar I have been obsessed with keeping my Toum Toum clean – since my a guy friend of mine qualified a classmate’s toum toum the smelliest thing he ever came across!!! He was like “I opened the window it didn’t work, I had to hold my nose to get the job done”.movie Baywatch 2017 streaming

Girls keep your toum toum clean!

  • when taking a shower, you shouldn’t clean your toum toum with soap. You should use water!  the vagina actually auto cleans it self. You should a soft cleanser – the PH of the toum toum should be between 3.5 to 4.5 – Don’t forget messing with the PH like expose your toum toum to unhealthy bacterias #infection #irritation #smell
  • Don’t use douche or feminine spray, it just messes things up down there. You can try the organic and natural product
  • Keep clean during your period
    • A tampon will throw off your PH balance – I’ve been bleeding a lot since I have my kids so I use the tampon and pads for the first 2 days. But I change my tampon every 2h.
    • Don’t wear pads or panty all year long; it irritates tom toum
    • Rinse of the blood as much as you can
  • Wipe front to back #communsense so you can avoid transfer your fecal matter to your toum toum. No wet wipe or fragrance wipe
  • Wear Cotton underwear
  • Wash your toum toum after a good sex; well bad sex too. If you are trying to get pregnant you get a pass – Peeing after sex is not a bad Idea, it helps wash
  • Do Kegel exercise (an exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, in which the levator muscles are squeezed and held for five seconds, then released for five seconds, for a number of repetitions. They are used to treat urinary incontinence, or to prepare for or recover from childbirth.)- It makes me horny sooo – It tighten your hou ha!!
  • Be careful about infections – #STD
  • BE YOUR VAGINA – know your vagina
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