I Woke Up Like This #sleepingbeauty

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I haven’t got a good night of sleep for at least 2 years – can’t sleep when pregnant & can’t sleep with a newborn & school & keep my blogs updated… – they is not enough hours in a day for everything that I want to do!!! Sleeping 3 to 4 hours is all, I can get right now. #busymum

That might be the reason, I’m overweight; because all the expert recommend 8h of sleep every night. #thatwillmakeyourlifebetter

Nevertheless we all want to wake up looking like “Sexy Angels” #faceonfleek

  • Wash Your face before bed: Remove all your makeup and wash your face.
  • Use a hydrating night cream: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize & Moisturize
  • Aloes Vera #miracleproduct, it help keep your skin soft and not greasy
  • Keep your eye cream in the fridge and Apply before bed #byemorningpuffiness
  • After kiss you boo, make sure you moisturize your lips
  • Coconut oil #miracleproduct, you can apply it from hair to your toes; it’s healthy stuff
  • Castor oil #dontdrinkit , to clean your lashes
  • Brush your teethes #aintnobobygottimeforsmellymouth, you should brush your teethes after every meal, first thing in the morning & before bed. It’s not up for discussion.
  • Use an humidifier specially in the winter, it will keeep your skin moisturize.
  • Sleep on silk pillow – wash your pillow cover as much as possible.
  • Wrap your hair before going to bed in a silk scarf to preserve your hair style
  •  Rose water – sound fancy- use on your dark circle
  • For married adult, ask your husband to “Crack your back out” #LMAO … It relaxes you!!!

Goodnight Sunshine!!!

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